What is Gold Rush?


Gold Rush is an annual gathering organized by Gulch Alley Studios on the banks of a beautiful, private stretch of river. The event features the talents of over a dozen diverse bands and DJs, hilarious comedians, amazing chefs, talented beer and wine makers, and onsite camping in the rough and wild California Gold Country.


Who’s in the lineup this year?  


Kingsborough, NVO, Doncat, Trainwreck Riders, Gold Minor, Jesse Ray Smith, Jeremy Lyon, Dani Bell and the Tarantist, Comedian Jesse Hett, Love Jerks, Project Queue, The Human Condition, The Wet Bandits, Dragland, The Y Axes, OUTERS, Kiss My Frequency and The Echo Exchange who will all perform out at the secret riverbank location.  We also have Bay Area Showga taking place each morning led by Katie Colver!


Where exactly is this “secret spot”?


You will receive a secret treasure map three weeks before the festival that will guide you to the parking area, but for planning’s sake it is on private land 30 minutes outside of Placerville, CA.


Will I be able to swim in the river?


YES!  The water is perfect for floating and plunging in front of the stage and several deep swimming holes are just a short walk or float down-river.  Please be safe and use the buddy system.


Do I need to bring my own food and beverages?


We will provide beer, wine, and deliciously prepared dinner and brunch during the festival for all attendees (donors and band members).  We encourage you to bring along some lunch/snack items and whatever other beverages you may require.  A “camper survey” will be emailed to you closer to the festival in which you’ll be able to alert us to your dietary restrictions.


What’s the deal with arrival?  Do I just drive right up to my campsite?


No, please plan on not having access to your vehicle between arrival and departure.  Our arrivals team will run shuttles from the parking area and bring all campers down to the river with their belongings.  It’s just over a mile down steep, rocky switchbacks but takes 5-10 minutes.  


What if I show up and there’s no shuttle in the parking area?


You will use the provided walkie talkie to call a shuttle if there is no truck present.  Please email us your approximate arrival time or even share your location with a member of our team on the app Glympse when you leave the city.


How fast can I drive on the dirt roads leading to the parking area?


5 MPH absolute maximum.  Any faster and you will kick up dust on the neighbors and make them much less receptive to us city folk and our little gathering.  Also, if you encounter some local people please be discreet about where you’re going. We had some neighbors call the Sheriff last year because they thought our website looked like too much fun.  


Can I bring my dog?


We would prefer it if you don't.  It is mainly for the safety of your pet, but space and noise concerns have also factored into this decision.


How big of a tent can I bring?


NO TENT MANSIONS unless you are filling all of the floor space inside with campers.  Please bring just enough tent space for yourself.


Can I bring my van or RV?


Sorry, but we can’t allow for any vehicles down at the river and the parking area is too tight to accommodate large vehicles as well.


Will we be having campfires?


NO!  Fire danger is very high so we can’t risk having any open flames on the property.


Should I bring water?


We will have water provided for you at Gold Rush, but we’d greatly appreciate if everyone can also pick up a gallon or two on the way up.


Can I bring glass bottles anywhere near the river?


Absolutely not.  It would be a tragedy to have a glass bottle break in the swimming and wading area, we’d need to vacate the river.


If myself or someone else hasn't donated yet, how can I make sure they get a spot?


Our donation portal can be reached at www.goldrushfest.com/donations


I donated at the $150 level because I want to volunteer! How do I know what to do and when to fulfill my obligation?


You will be assigned a “team leader” via email. Please check in with them for any questions on timing and responsibilities.  There will be 7 teams this year:  Arrivals, Landscape Cosmetics, Refreshments, Kitchen, Stage, Construction and of course the fabled “Shitbox Heroes”!


My friend wants to come up for just a few hours, can they donate for just one day of Gold Rush?


As past attendees are aware, one of the biggest logistical challenges for Gold Rush is shuttling attendees to and from the river.  We encourage all attendees to arrive early and stay late, and we can not offer discounts for partial attendance at this time.


What happens to the money I donate for Gold Rush?  


All the money raised goes right back into the gathering itself, here’s how the budget breaks down:


20% food expenses

15% refreshments

15% refrigeration

15% building materials, gas and other miscellaneous expenses

15% artist compensation,

10% sound, lights and stage

10% toilet rental and delivery


Do the organizes need special permits from local law enforcement to put on a gathering like this?


Gold Rush is a private party on private land. Law enforcement have reached out to the organizers in the past and we eased their concerns about drunk driving and fires with an assurance of our commitment to safety. We gave our word that neither of those things would take place. They said that Gold Rush sounds “awesome”, but please do remain respectful of the land and the neighbors so that we don’t get any more calls from the friendly officers.  


It's a perfectly normal thing for 200 friends to gather in the woods to celebrate a few birthdays all donate to cover the expenses, right?   


Thanks for your continued support for this unique gathering….SEE YOU ON THE RIVER!


If you'd like to contribute towards keeping gold rush sustainable, donations are accepted though Paypal at gulchalley@gmail.com

Gold Rush is by no means a "for-profit" venture. We organize this gathering for the arts community and donations help us recoup the costs and improve the private land. to attend for the weekend, We ask for a minimum donation, but any and all additional donations are greatly appreciated and really help in making Gold Rush sustainable.