Video by Kimberly Varney


"Thank you all for an amazing time in The Dirt! It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, out there away from it all." ~ Kimberly Varney (Photographer)


"All I could say is Great food, atmosphere, music, beer, water, and most importantly.. friends. Got a whole crew of new ones now. Cheers!" ~ Jarod Florez (Wet Bandits)

"You guys are such an awesome team!! It is your unified vision, arduous planning, and solid follow-through that has brought us the Gold Rush 2 years in a row now and I'm already excited for the next one!!! Thank you so much for providing a place where we can grow our music community and satisfy our souls in the midst of an extremely harsh time for planet Earth <3 Everyone be sure to throw down on a shirt and lets make sure these amazing guys break even on this thang!! Most definitely a small price to pay for the lifetime memory that was created last weekend ;)" ~ Mark Joseph (The Human Condition / OUTERS / The Missing Pieces)

"Heart is currently filled up and overflowing- what an amazing time. Thank you all for the weekend- for the music and work/organizing that went into this... and that delicious food and beer and wine and all of your amazing energy! So grateful to have shared it." ~ Maliya Rubio-Mills 

"That was most magical indeed!!! What a beautiful community we created on that river. Thank you so much for bringing it so hard, everyone." ~ Katie Colver (Cave Clove / Showga)

"You guys, I absolutely did not miss the real world while enjoying 3 days of amazing community and music. Maybe some parts of the world AREN'T a huge tire fire." ~ Kay Vasilyeva

"Love my new family!!! So great getting to know, float and gigging with all you radiant river rats. So much talent, love and beauty. Thank you all for having a hand in creating this unparalleled experience." ~ Danielle Hirsch

"Great riding the musical river with all of you fabulous folks!! Thx Adam DraglandMichael D. Carney and everyone who made this festival completely amazing!! Hope to see y'all play again soon!! Music+Love+Dirt always...Laurie" ~ Laurie Burke


2015 gold rush memories...

"BIG thanks to everyone that made this festival happen! NVO had a wonderful time playing or all of you lovely people. There really is nothing quite like looking out over a glowstick­twirling crowd getting super funky in a river during your late­night set. Unreal! I can't wait to see you all again soon!" ­Greg Maximov (NVO)

"Y'all.... Wow. Just wow. What have we done to deserve this??? :) That was ALMOST too much fun." - ­David

"Holy crap, was this weekend real?? It already feels like a dream... Thank you so much for including me. THANK YOU Conrad, Stef and John for sprinkling Magic Spice on my set. It felt SO good to have you guys on stage with me. Will post videos soon! Everyone that played and attended was so sweet and rockin'. That's Bay Area for ya'.. Magical people. I am continuously moved by the human quality in this place and y'all shined bright this past weekend. Huge thank you to Adam, Michael, Jesse & Co. for composing this adventure and bringing us all together." ­- Ziva

"The Gold Rush proved to be an epic weekend of awesome bands and funny moments. Good times and good vibes folks." - ­Alex

"Fucking incredible weekend. Any chance we can get the order of who played on both days? All bands kicked ass!" - ­James B.

"Thank you to everyone for making this happen!!!!! BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!" ­- Jamie

"That was so much fun! Thank you to all the organizers, musicians, and party people for making it happen! Had such a great time meeting you all, throwing down some tunes with NVO and DJing for everyone. EPIC!!!" - ­Chuck Jones (NVO)


"What an amazing time, another one in the books ;) Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible, all you bands were truly a treat to watch and listen to!! There wasn't a single person there who wasn't cool as fuck and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it." - ­Mark Joseph (The Human Condition)

"That was absolutely fantastic! What a wonderfully magical weekend of floating in a river, listening to (and playing) live music under the stars and twinkling lights­ all while celebrating Adam's birthday! That you guys so much for putting the festival together and inviting me! I'm so thankful for you all! Xo" - Kat Robichaud

"We built walls with stones

And a stage

with the bones

Of multiple bands

Multiple hands


And Scheming

To build an event

100 tents

Hell bent on

Burning the midnight oil


And Grass

But not the hills

Window sills

Let open while we are gone

To air out what we left behind

The lights came on

When the sun went out

Shout as loud

And deep

And honest

As you need

Feed on what you

Can, Should, Have too

To let go, Out, Or in

Your angels


Virtues or sins

Mile wide grins

And coffee tins

I'll see you in the morning

Just as dusty

And faded

As the rest

Of you fuckers." 

- Nemo

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Gold Rush is by no means a "for-profit" venture. We organize this gathering for the arts community and donations help us recoup the costs and improve the private land. to attend for the weekend, We ask for a minimum donation, but any and all additional donations are greatly appreciated and really help in making Gold Rush sustainable.